Tovuz Road Construction

  • Client: Agro Dairy
  • Project location: Tovuz / Azerbaijan
  • Scope of work: Earthworks, Structure works, Pavement works and Completion works
  • Project duration: 2016-2017

Cement concrete pavement:

Portland cement concrete pavement – 210,000.00 m3


Topsoil excavation and stockpiling (Common excavation) – 210,000.00 m3

Common excavation (cut) – 336,000.00 m3

Aggregate base course:

Granular sub base / base course and shoulders – 126,000.00 m3

Construction of the base course and shoulders on the stop areas and intersections and junctions – 210,000.00 m3

Construction of cement-treated base course – 126,000.00 m3