• Client: Azerbaijan Amelioration and Water Farm OJSC
  • Project location: Qubadli, Zangilan / Azerbaijan
  • Scope of work: Design and construction
  • Project duration: 2022-2023

After the completion of this project, 12,100 ha of agricultural land in Gubadli and Zangilan regions will be provided with irrigation water, and new life will come to the liberated territories. New modern irrigation systems will be implemented in those areas and a remote-control system (SCADA) will be established for their operation.

Steel pipe installation (820 mm - 1820 mm) – 53.4 km

Construction of service road – 50.8 km

Excavation and earthworks for the main pipeline – 589,788 m3

Main pipe line filling works and warning tape – 127,000 m3

Concrete joints and filling works of the main pipeline – 316,179 m3

Backfilling works of the main pipeline – 1312 m3