Alkhan Ismayilov

Warehouse manager

Experienced professional in the field of warehouse management with over 10 years of experience. Graduated from the Financial Credit Faculty of Tafakkur University, and gained strong foundations in financial analysis, credit management, and accounting.

His practical experience in this field started as a warehouse keeper which contributed him to gain valuable experience in the reception, storage, and transportation of goods. As a warehouse manager, provided leadership to groups of workers to ensure the efficient operation of the warehouse. His experience in inventory management, logistics, and financial analysis allowed him to make decisions based on data that has positive impact on the business. Introduced new software systems to improve inventory management and collaborated closely with suppliers to optimize the supply chain.

His excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to effectively lead teams make him the right person for any business looking to optimize warehouse operations and increase productivity.

Fluent in Azerbaijani, Russian, and English.

Born in 1991, and is married