Quality Assurance / Quality Control

“North West Construction LLC” shall operate as a professional engineering, manufacturing and construction company by ensuring consistent and timely delivery of its product and service that meet the client’s requirement of quality, reliability and performance while conforming to the applicable standards.

In order to achieve this, we ensure that:

  • Management demonstrates leadership and commitment to ensure that quality is at the core of everything we do and personally adheres to the philosophy of “Do it right the first time, every time”.
  • Our facility through PlanDo-Check-Act (PDCA) cycles maintains compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.
  • All employees are directly responsible and accountable to ensure compliances with Company’s quality standards and client’s specified requirements.
  • Appropriate quality checks are implemented at all levels for timely identification of any shortcomings and proper corrective actions are taken to prevent recurrences.
  • Our Quality Management System is proactive and is focused on continual improvement conducting timely management reviews, effective audits, value added analysis and resource development & deployment.
  • Risk based thinking is promoted in organization and risks to product and services delivery are being identified and managed effectively.
  • Quality goals and objectives are periodically developed, clearly understood, properly assigned and timely achieved by all stakeholders.