Fakhri Alakbarov

Procurement manager


Graduated from the Faculty of Legal Regulation of Economy at Western University, where he acquired a solid foundation in the legal aspects of economic regulation.

With over 20 years of experience in various managerial positions in big companies, developed a comprehensive understanding of business operations and honed his skills in effectively managing the procurement chain. His extensive professional experience provided him with the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure smooth and efficient procurement processes.

His strong leadership and expertise in system tuning played a crucial role in streamlining the procurement chain, enabling transparent and delay-free implementation and completion of projects. His ability to optimize processes and maintain effective communication channels within the procurement chain resulted in improved efficiency and project success.

Overall, a combination of academic qualifications, extensive corporate experience, and remarkable contributions to the procurement chain makes him a highly competent and accomplished professional in his field.

Fluent in Azerbaijani, English, Russian and Turkish.

Born in 1980, married, and has three children.