Halil Akyuz

Head of Local Projects / Member of Management Board

Highly qualified construction professional with a bachelor's degree in Engineering from Blacksea Technical University. With solid educational foundation, gained extensive experience in the construction industry, starting with 5 years of construction experience in Turkey, followed by 14 years working on international construction projects.

Throughout his career, worked mainly as a Construction Supervisor, Construction Manager and Project Manager. In these positions, demonstrated expertise in ensuring the successful execution of construction projects, as well as monitoring and auditing subcontractors' performance, particularly in structural and architectural aspects.

In addition, ensured that all activities were carried out efficiently and in accordance with the project objectives, taking into account the construction schedule, quality requirements, health, safety and environment (HSE) regulations. His strong coordination and leadership skills have helped to successfully complete projects within the stipulated time frame.

Overall, his ability to oversee and coordinate construction activities while upholding quality, safety, and compliance standards has undoubtedly contributed to the successful completion of numerous international construction projects.

Fluent in Turkish, intermediate in Russian and English