Erhan Kandaz

Senior Warehouse Manager

Erhan Kandaz was born on February 21, 1977 in Ankara, Turkey.

Between 1996 and 2000, he studied ‘’Business Management’’ at the Faculty of Distance Education at Anatolian University.

Erhan Kandaz started his professional career as a Warehouse Chief in Cukurova Exp/Inp. Inc. at 2001, and then he worked in Arkadas Ltd. as a Microsoft AR Warehouse Manager, later he continues his career in various international construction companies (like Mensel JV/Afghanistan, Okan Holding/Kazakhstan, Arma Elektropanc/UAE, Tepe Construction/Irak, Ukra/Turkey, Arma Elektropanc/Russia and finally North West/Azerbaijan) in managing warehouse positions.

In 2014, he has joined the North West Construction as a Senior Warehouse Manager in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Managing contraction goods and teams of 40 to 50 people in warehouses in different places.

He is highly expert in warehouse management, another hand he expert in quality management, time management, procurement, ERP, MS Office and etc.

Erhan Kandaz is fluent in Turkish, Azerbaijani, also intermediate level English.

He is married.