Construction of Aghdam-Fuzuli Highway is Continuing Progressively


The highway that will pass through Agdam, Agjabedi and Fuzuli is considered to be one of the projects executed in Karbakh and Eastern Zangazur regions and will play a siginificant role in the social-economic development of the liberated villages and regions.

Having total length of 64.8 km, 32.4 km of which is being constructed by North West Construction, the width of the 1st technical grade road will be 15 m. The highway is being built with 4 lanes, the width of the road shoulder is 3.75 meters in each direction, and the width of the lane is 2 meters. The width of the road bed is 26.5 meters.

At present, soil works, removal of ground water, expansion works are being carried out on the Aghdam-Fuzuli highway.

Along the highway, the scope of work of the project includes installation of different size water transmission pipes, construction of culverts, as well as underpasses where necessary and construction of 2 new bridges with 275-meter and 150-meter length over the road.

The construction works of 6 reinforced concrete water transmission pipes with 1500 dm, 8 spare passages intended for communication lines, 2 rectangular reinforced concrete water transmission pipes with 2x2 m, 2 water transmission pipes with 4x2.5 m have already been completed.

Besides, on the 1st km of the project (63rd km of the project in general), 9 piers of the 275 m road bridge having 11 piers have already been constructed, the rest 2 piers are under construction.

In order to speed up the work, the project was transferred to a 24-hour working mode based on a shift mode.