Furniture and interior innovations from "North West"


The North West Furniture Factory, already growing up to 10 years, offers design, production and interior solutions for new furniture products.

From 23 to 26 October 2018, 301 companies from 22 countries (Azerbaijan, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, China, UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc.) at the Caspian International Furniture, Interiors and Design exhibition, the North West furniture factory continues to meet visitors at its pavilion.

At the entrance of the exhibition, 2 pavilions of the Furniture Factory, designed in a special design called "Made in Azerbaijan", furniture and interiors made from a clean, safe and certified, raw material brought from various countries around the globe, with 100% handcrafted work of various sizes and volume, used in avant-garde, classic and modern styles, in country's largest and most advanced projects, hotels, business centers, university buildings, hospitals, restaurants, private homes and apartments: modern fireproof doors, seats, bedroom sets, kitchen sets, table sets, sofa sets, accessories and etc. was presented to the exhibition visitors.

As a result of cooperation with more than 100 professional and local and foreign, architects and designers, with the famous Italian and other European designers, the factory accepts large quantities of orders from Azerbaijan and overseas and deliver furniture and interior products to the customers. During the exhibition, North West furniture factory has received orders from various local and foreign companies for the production of furniture and interiors.

The North West furniture factory is planning to expand its product range to its retail customers in the country and abroad.

Finally, we would like to point out that the North West furniture factory's pavilion, which attracted the attention of the exhibition visitors, has been certified by the exhibition organizers, winning in the "Most Original Pavilion of the Exhibition".