“R-Pharm” pharmaceutical factory had opening ceremony


“R-Pharm”, Azerbaijani-Russian Joint Venture, specialized in manufacturing of medicines celebrated its opening ceremony in Pirallahi Industrial Park on December 9.

We would like to notify you that, Pirallahi Industrial Park was established by N#2336 decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 14 September 2016.

“North West Construction” LLC launched construction of the factory locating in the 4.6 ha area in 2018. The factory has been furnished with modern equipment and technology produced by leading European manufacturers. This establishment with total 74 million investment value will have annual production capacity of 250 million pills and capsules. The factory with its laboratory, production and logistics divisions will be the first pharmacy complex in the country. İn addition to the local markets, export of the output abroad are the target issue.

It is worth to highlight that, R-Pharm project is one of the “Turnkey” projects which has been executed by “North West Construction” LLC.